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‘We had spare parts in stock worth seven million euros’

Customized mechanization, is Abemec’s motto. This agricultural mechanization company with 23 branches throughout the Netherlands offers livestock farmers, arable farmers, horticulturists, fruit growers, and contractors a wide range of top brands. In order to guarantee the best service, the company keeps an enormous stock of spare parts, part of which is obsolete. To get rid of these parts, they entered into a partnership with BartsParts. With great success!

About Abemec

Hans Quint is general manager of Abemec. From his office, he offers us a glimpse into the world of agricultural mechanization. ‘We are mainly located in the middle and south of the Netherlands, but we also have branches in the north. We focus on the repair and maintenance of agricultural machinery. In addition, service and support to our customers is very important to us. Together with the customer, we look for the best and most efficient solution for the purchase, maintenance, and repair of machines. In addition, we customize machines as per the wishes of the customer. We do this with a total of 330 employees, who try to unburden entrepreneurs as much as possible.’

Customised mechanization

‘Every entrepreneur has a different strategy and different wishes. That is why we find custom mechanization so important. We enter into discussions with the customer and, for example, look at the long term. Is this repair or purchase the right one for the coming years? We are a sparring partner and a discussion partner. Everything to improve the use of machines.’

Spare parts

‘In order to guarantee the best possible service, we have an enormous inventory of spare parts. We have more than seven million euros worth of parts here, of which at least 10 to 15% is barely selling. We try to solve this internally as much as possible within our 23 locations. In some cases, for example, we can use up each other’s stock. But we notice that this does not always work well.’


‘That’s a shame; so a few years ago we started looking for a way to get rid of our obsolete parts. That is how we got to know BartsParts. I already knew Arno from the trade association for agricultural machinery. From the first contact, the collaboration with BartsParts was very pleasant. Me and Arno had 1-on-1 contact and he personally came by on-site to evaluate our spare parts. He took pictures and collected the necessary data, and that’s how the ball started rolling. Today, the process is fully automated, from the moment of sale up to the payment. Our IT system passes on our available parts to BartsParts. As soon as they sell an item, they order it from us, and we prepare it for pick up by BartsParts courier. Zero effort for us!’

The future

‘The strength of BartsParts lies in the fact that the platform connects dealers and buyers outside of the dealer’s region. BartsParts fills the gap between dealers who have purchased inventory that is no longer necessary for their own customers and buyers who are looking for certain parts that are difficult for them to obtain. That connection, in combination with the zero effort, is what we really like about BartsParts. In the future, we are confident to further expand our cooperation with them.’