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Dealer Of The Year 2022

BartsParts organizes the annual Dealer of the Year Award to thank our partners and recognize incredible progression with great incentives!
The Dealer of the Year 2022 award goes to….

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Dead stock: the facts

Entrepreneurs or dealers in the sectors of agriculture, green care and material handling machinery often have enormous stocks of slow-moving, obsolete spare parts. This is usually caused by a number of reasons and costs a lot of money. Luckily, BartsParts can turn your stock into cash in a matter of time!

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Now is the time to sell your spare parts!

Are you in doubt whether you should sell your spare parts? Maybe you don’t have the time to list your inventory, you’re not sure whether it will actually sell or you don’t think it’s worth the effort? Doubt no longer. Due to a global shortage of spare parts, the time to sell yours has never been better!

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Getting rid of dead stock and making cash? It’s easier than you’d think!

Do you have a large stock of parts that you want to dispose of? Selling is a great option, but doing so can be quite a hassle, especially if your spare parts are obsolete and slow-moving. What if you can leave it all to specialists, without losing any profit and with absolutely zero fees? BartsParts makes it possible. Their main goal is to provide a perfect and smooth seller experience.

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‘Our company has grown since we joined BartsParts’

Henk Bouwman, De Kruyf (NL): ‘The main reason why we became a BartsPartner is simply to get rid of our dead stock, in a correct and honest way that doesn’t take too much time. But we soon discovered that BartsParts has other benefits. We have been selling through BartsParts for a little over two years now, and our company has grown substantially since then. We no longer have dead stock taking up valuable warehouse space, we get to cater to our customers’ needs more specifically, and we even make money from our dead stock!’

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Dealer of the Year 2021

Whoohoo, it’s that time again: the announcement of the Dealer of the Year 2021! 2021 was just like 2020, a year with 12 months of turbulence combined with continued fast growth in sales to our customers. To officially end 2021

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Dealer of the Year 2020

What a year it has been! 2020 was one of the most unique and challenging years we have ever had. Looking back we see 12 months of turbulence combined with an overwhelming increase in orders and struggle to keep up.

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