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Our history

How we started

Dealers, importers and manufacturers face the same issue: a huge stock of spare parts on the shelf, of which many were obsolete or unmarketable among their customers.

When searching for spare parts, machine owners face also problems, especially with parts for older equipment; they are hard to find in the market or very expensive.

BartsParts was founded in 2017 by Arno Verkleij as a “virtual warehouse” where dealers can sell their stock and customers all over the world are giving the opportunity to source hard to get find parts at reasonable prices. Making life easier for both dealers and equipment owners.

Why the name "BartsParts"?

At BartsParts you will neither find any ‘Bart’, nor you will find ‘Parts’. Why then the name?

The name ‘BartsParts’ was chosen because of a warehouse employee, named Bart, who was a colleague of BartsParts founder, Arno Verkleij. Together with Arno they wondered if there was not a better solution for the obsolete parts rather than disposing or scraping them. This thought was the beginning of the idea: establishing a platform with obsolete parts as the focus. As a tribute to Bart, the company was born as BartsParts.

BartsParts in the Agro Innovation Lab

In the fall of 2017, BartsParts was elected as one of the startups to join the acceleration program of Agro Innovation Lab, out of 265 subscribers from all over the world! During the program we were supported by the expertise of our mentors and many other experts on several professions. This really helped us in getting to the point we are now: A highly devoted and professional company, selling spare parts all over the world!.

The Growth

2017 was the beginning of the platform. BartsParts was set up with an initial English version of the shop and engaging with the first Dutch dealers.

It was during 2018 that we set up the German and Dutch stores and the number of dealers increased to almost 100 partners mainly in The Netherlands, Germany and Austria.

2019 was a year of strong growth, where the French, Spanish and Italian shops were launched. Hundreds of dealers joined BartsParts from several european countries, raising the inventory value at the end of the year to 74 MEUR and a catalogue of over 500.000 unique SKUs.

From 2020 BartsParts is focused on worldwide growth.

How we make a difference

One of the ideas behind BartsParts is to reduce the waste of spare parts.

Did you know that parts laying on the warehouse for more than 10 years are usually scrapped? And those could be exactly the parts you are looking for and can not find anywhere else. This is what we have seen on a recurrent basis: supply and demand of spare parts do not meet each other, resulting in many parts being disposed and much waste is produced. This has also an impact on the levels of energy consumption that is required to produce additional parts.

BartsParts tries to make a difference by connecting demand and supply of spare parts worldwide, and, thus, reducing waste and energy consumption.

BartsParts in the Media

Since the beginning of the platform BartsParts has gained quite some media attention. Read here all what has been said about us in different media.