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Satisfaction Guaranteed - As our partner, you are always our focus. See for yourself.

For us BartsParts is the ideal distribution channel...

...for spare parts that the end user no longer associates with us. Through the acquisition of various companies we have spare parts from manufacturers that we have never officially distributed or from companies that no longer exist. BartsParts specializes in the marketing of such parts and opens a new distribution channel for us.
Sebastian Schmid
Gruma Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH

I sell spare parts from Fendt, Krone, Husqvarna and others via BartsParts...

...with a certain regularity. I can get rid of the slow parts that are no longer common in our area and turn them into good sales. We sell more than initially expected and plan to expand our inventory at BartsParts.
Torben Wiegmann
Meier-Bunge Landtechnik

We are happy that the old parts are no longer just in stock,...

...but they are professionally marketed and sold. With BartsParts as a strong partner we sell to Germany, France, Spain, Lithuania, Ireland and Sweden.
Enrico Hähnlein
Parts Manager, Ixplus

It took me minimal effort to get the spare parts...

...that I have in stock and have difficulty getting rid of. With BartsParts, these parts now have a very high range that we would not otherwise be able to achieve.
Heiko Wittrock
Wittrock Landtechnik

For me it's the ideal solution...

...because BartsParts takes care of everything: sales, shipping and payment. It's perfect because it doesn't cost me anything and I make money on stocks that I otherwise couldn't sell.
Richard Paus
Paus Agroservice

I use Bartsparts to sell obsolete parts.

I need space – my dead stock needs to be moved. I want to get rid of them and with Bart's Parts I can even generate additional sales.
Maarten van Alphen
Wout Hogervorst

The key is that we both have the same goal: to sell as many spare parts as possible.

The more BartsParts sells and earns, the more we earn. With BartsParts you have an international reach. Otherwise we only serve a certain region; with BartsParts go beyond your current market and reach international customers.
Robert van der Leeden
Kraakman Staadegaard

Partners success stories


‘Our company has grown since we joined BartsParts’

Henk Bouwman, De Kruyf (NL): ‘The main reason why we became a BartsPartner is simply to get rid of our dead stock, in a correct and honest way that doesn’t take too much time. But we soon discovered that BartsParts has other benefits. We have been selling through BartsParts for a little over two years now, and our company has grown substantially since then. We no longer have dead stock taking up valuable warehouse space, we get to cater to our customers’ needs more specifically, and we even make money from our dead stock!’

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