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Getting rid of dead stock and making cash? It’s easier than you’d think!

Do you have a large stock of parts that you want to dispose of? Selling is a great option, but doing so can be quite a hassle, especially if your spare parts are obsolete and slow-moving. What if you can leave it all to specialists, without losing any profit and with absolutely zero fees? BartsParts makes it possible. Their main goal is to provide a perfect and smooth seller experience.

Uploading & processing

It is incredibly simple to sell dead stock with BartsParts. In fact, you only need two things: a computer and dead stock, of course. The website leads you to a dealer registration form. Among others, this form asks for your contact details and company data. Once you have registered as a BartsParts partner, you can start your selling process. This process consists of only five steps, during which BartsParts takes care of most of the work.

Talk is cheap, but the 1000+ BartsPartners are proof that the system is in fact effective! Richard Paus from Paus Agroservice (NL) highlights how BartsParts takes care of everything. ‘From sales to shipping and payment: it’s perfect! The only thing we have to do as a company is to list the parts we want to sell.’

BartsParts offers multiple ways for you to submit the stock list, for example by using Excel. Just generate an Excel or CSV export of your inventory. Even better is having an API connection set up by BartsParts. If you need any help, BartsParts comes to the rescue! Their technical staff can guide you through the process, from list exporting to system integration.

Richard Paus: ‘It costs me nothing and I earn money with stock that I couldn’t sell otherwise.’

Heiko Wittrock from Wittrock Landtechnik (Germany) states: ‘It was so easy to advertise the spare parts that I have in stock and couldn’t get rid of! Since joining BartsParts, our company now has a much bigger reach. We sell our spare parts worldwide: something that we would otherwise not achieve.’

Sell any brand

Many sellers appreciate the fact that any brand can be sold, no matter how mainstream, such as John Deere, Claas and Fendt or small, such as Grimme or Veenhuis.

Torben Wiegmann from Meier-Bunge Landtechnik (Germany), for example, argues the following: ‘I sell spare parts from Fendt, Krone Husqvarna and many more through BartsParts on a very regular basis. I can get rid of slow-moving parts that are no longer common in our area, but that are still popular in other areas. In fact, we sell more than initially expected and plan to expand our stock at BartsParts.’

Sebastian Schmid from Gruma Nutzfahrteuge (Germany) agrees. ‘For us, BartsParts is the ideal distribution channel for spare parts that the end-user no longer associates with us. Through the acquisition of various companies, we have spare parts from manufacturers we have never officially distributed or from companies that no longer exist. BartsParts specializes in marketing such parts and opens up a new distribution channel for us.’


Besides the fact that you can sell any brand or spare part, BartsParts is known for its global reach. Enrico Hähnlein, parts manager at Ixplus (Austria): ‘Not only are we pleased that the old parts are no longer just in stock; they are also professionally marketed and sold. We consider BartsParts as a strong partner. We are located in Austria, but nowadays we also sell to Germany, France, Spain, Lithuania, Ireland and Sweden.’

Delivery & invoice

Once your stock is sold, the only thing you have to do is make sure your parts are packaged correctly. Henning Kristensen, logistics manager for HC Petersen & Co.’s Eftf A/S (DK): ‘Whenever a buyer is interested, we receive an e-mail asking if the spare parts are still in stock. Once the order is confirmed, we receive the shipping label through e-mail, package the spare parts, and hand them over to a transport company that BartsParts sends to our business.’  BartsParts ensures that the parts are delivered to the buyer. They have agreements with several carriers, and if you prefer a certain shipper they are more than happy to explore using that.

Finally, perhaps the most important step is receiving your money. Send your monthly invoice to BartsParts and receive your money almost immediately.

The key

It’s clear that selling spare parts through BartsParts is not only easy; it has many other advantages. Robert van der Leeden from Kraakman Staadegaard (The Netherlands) summarizes: ‘The key is that BartsParts and the sellers have the same goal: to sell as many spare parts as possible. The more BartsParts sells and earns, the more we earn as well. With BartsParts you have international reach. Otherwise, we would only serve a certain region: with BartsParts you go beyond your current market and reach customers globally.’