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Dealer Of The Year 2022

The time has come to unveil our Dealer Of The Year!

2022 was an incredible year of growth and sales. From adding 250 new partner outlets in 11 countries, to adding 500,000 new MPNs to our virtual warehouse, BartsParts has grown by over 100% this past year, and we couldn’t have done any of this without our BartsPartners.

That’s why we organize our annual Dealer Of The Year Award to thank our partners and recognise incredible progression with great incentives. 

The Dealer of the Year 2022 award winner was selected based on several vital ratings, including:

  • Performance over the past year
  • Liquidation rate
  • Revenue generated
  • Responsiveness to BartsParts requests
  • Additional support

The Dealer of the Year 2022 award winner is………….

AGRAVIS Technik Sachsen- Köthen (Germany)

Congratulations! Alongside being one of the top-performing dealerships, AGRAVIS Technik Sachsen has also maintained excellent relationships with our entire team, always going the extra mile to be responsive to our requests.

Award: A GOLD BartsBasket

A special mention to: 

Ets Gremillet et Fils- France

Ets Gremillet et Fils has done a fantastic job as a smaller dealership in bringing in sales and maintaining a high liquidation rate. They have consistently maintained high-performance standards and remained responsive to our requests. They are also our FIRST French dealership to win a Dealer of the Year 2022 award, and we are excited to welcome many more dealers from France and all of Europe to win at subsequent Dealer of the Year Awards! 

Award: A SILVER BartsBasket

Here’s To An Incredible 2023!

Thank you to all of our BartsPartners for an incredible 2022. The new year is already off to an excellent start, and we’ll keep an eye out for star performers this coming year and continue to recognize our star dealers. We invite you to continue increasing your inventory with BartsParts, improving your prices and maintaining high-performance levels when processing orders. The sky is the limit on what can be achieved!

For new partners, sounds interesting, right? Find out yourself how easy it is to become a seller with BartsParts!