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Below you will find an overview of the most frequently asked questions coming from our partners and, of course, BartsParts’ answers:

About BartsParts

Who is BartsParts?

BartsParts is a web platform that helps dealers sell obsolete and slow-moving items. Behind BartsParts, there is a team of professionals in logistics, supply chain, IT, marketing and sales, really devoted to an excellent customer service level.

What is the reason behind BartsParts and how did it start?
We have noticed a common headache for all spare parts dealers in different industries: enormous stocks of slow-moving spare parts laying on dealers’ warehouses, with low sales possibilities among their respective customers. Our main goal is to help dealers in the sectors of agriculture, green care and material handling machinery.

About selling with BartsParts

Why is it interesting to offer my stock through BartsParts?
By combining a large number of parts, in an efficiently managed online store that is promoted worldwide, the chance to sell your stock increases drastically. You will reach markets and customers which will never be reachable for you otherwise; and all that with no extra cost or effort from your side.


What can I offer via BartsParts?
In principle you can offer ALL the parts you want: obsolete and slow-moving parts are both welcome and being sold. You decide yourself which parts may be clasified as obsolte according to your own inventory management rules. Please note that the parts must be identifiable, with the right part numbers from the original manufacturer and clear descriptions.


What does it cost me to sell my stock through BartsParts?
Nothing! BartsParts does not charge subscription costs, commission or start-up costs whatsoever. You also decide the price of your parts in stock (BartsParts purchase price). BartsParts has only one condition: the price of your spares must be at least 15% below the list price (OEM list price).


How is the sales price of a part determined?
In principle, the sales price to end customer is determined by your sales price to BartsParts + 15% management fee (VAT to be added when applicable). The lower your sales price to BartsParts, the lower the sales price on BartsParts webshop and, consequently, the greater the chance that the item will be sold.


What discounts does BartsParts recommend?
You are of course completely free to determine your own discounts. BartsParts has produced some guidelines that can help you with your pricing and can always support you during the process. 
Our recommendation is to provide a minimum of 20% discount over the list price. 

For orientation, many products are offered on BartsParts discounted up to 80% of their list price, and the chances for those products to be sold is, indeed, much higher.

How do I help to get my stock sold faster?
The best way to do so is to provide the highest possible discount over your prices. 
Can anyone see which parts I offer?
No, our service is completely anonymous. BartsParts shows stock in different warehouses. The buyer therefore does not see where the part comes from. After an order, BartsParts determines where the item will be purchased based on an optimal combination of price and location.


How do I create an inventory list from my software?
This of course depends on which software you use. From most software packages it is possible to make an export of inventory or a subset of it. Our technical staff will be delighted to support you through the process, from list exporting to system integration whenever possible.


I do not have the time or the knowledge to make a parts list, now what?
This is not an issue. Just let us know and our technical department will help you to do so. Use the form at the bottom of this page or send an email to and indicate where you need assistance. BartsParts will be able to help you online and may also visit you if needed for the ERP interconnection.


With which transport company does BartsParts work?
BartsParts has agreements with several carriers; DHL, DPD, UPS, PostNL, and we are constantly talking to other companies. If you already have a preferred transport company, please, let us know so we can study together what the best shipping method will be.


How often do I have to update my inventory?

In order to work efficiently, BartsParts recommends as follows:

  • The initial list of the first inventory upload: this is done once and should contain as much detail as possible (description, part numbers, alternative part numbers, etc.). This may take a bit more time as BartsParts needs to check all references before publishing the data
  • Periodic update: unless automatic uploads with system interconnections, it is necessary to regularly update your stocks and prices. It is useful to do this at least once a week. For that purpose, a file with just part number, quantity and price is enough.
Is there a link with my software?

At this moment there is a direct link with Bever software, Traser and COS where automated links are available. Other software integrations like with Agro-IT are expected to be implemented afterwards. For the time being, Agro-IT users can work fine with the so-called Views module (link to Excel). If you have any specific need related to your software, please contact us in We will be happy to assist you.

How are returns handled?
BartsParts pays you once the parts have been sold and paid by customer. If the customer wants to return the parts for whatever reason, those will also be returned to you. BartsParts takes care of the returns and the associated costs, as we handle the complete customer support. If parts are returned to you, this will of course be deducted from your credit with BartsParts.
How do I invoice BartsParts and when does BartsParts pay?
BartsParts sends you a reporting activity and invoice proposal once a month. There you will see all your sold spares with the purchase price (gross price – discount provided by you). Once you have received this proposal, you can proceed with invoicing to BartsParts. Invoices will be paid under the agreed payment terms. From a practical point of view, you can prepare an order for BartsParts in your internal software and process it as soon as you receive this invoice proposal.


I have no obsolete stocks at all, what do I have to do with BartsParts?
Congratulations, that is a big achievement. Nevertheless, you can still get many of the advantages of BartsParts. We can still promote all you current inventory of non-obsolete parts, if you want to offer them with a minimum discount of 15%. After all, BartsParts sell also many common spare parts to complete customer orders. For example, if someone orders an obsolete seal for an engine, it is perfectly normal that this person also wants to order the oil filter that goes with it (current part).


What information does BartsParts need about the parts?
BartsParts automates the processing of inventory lists utmost so that both you and BartsParts have as little work load as possible. In order to properly classify and recognize part numbers, BartsParts prefers to receive as much information as you have about the items. Click on the “Downloads” section to see a template file with all the preferred information




Can I also offer used parts?
No. BartsParts works only with new products. Your spare parts need to be in good condition, and, if possible on the original package from the brand. Obsolete does not mean ‘used’.


Can I also offer parts that I do not have in stock?
Yes, that’s possible as well. If you also want to offer parts that you can purchase from your suppliers, that is no problem, following the same pricing recommendation as for your own stock. BartsParts does have the goal to deliver orders as quickly as possible, so keep in mind that in most cases this is only possible if you can deliver the parts within 1-3 days.


Should I also offer low value parts?
This is of course useful, because small parts are also in demand and are useful to complete bigger orders. If you prefer, you can choose to only offer parts with a minimum price. There are other options for low value parts, like offering them in a bundle. If, for example, you still have 6 pieces of a part with a value of 1.50 each, you can bundle this in 1 set of 6 for, for example, 10, -. The value is then slightly higher, but even more beautiful; you are off the parts all at once. BartsParts can, in any case, assist you all along the process to select and price the stock, just let us know!

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