‘Our company has grown since we joined BartsParts’

Whether you’re looking for an agricultural machine, a miniscule spare part, or simply some oil: mechanization company De Kruyf has it all. But to be able to offer everything, you need a large stock. And large stock often comes paired with obsolete parts. How De Kruyf deals with this dead stock? You’ll read it here! 

De Kruyf

Henk Bouwman works as a partsmanager at De Kruyf in Nijkerk, The Netherlands. ‘We are one of the oldest agricultural mechanization companies in the country. We founded in the 1930s and have over one hundred years of exprience when it comes to agricultural machines, spare parts, repairs, and mechanization.’ 


‘We sell a great range of tractors, shredders, sowers, haymaking machines… You name it, we have it. We also offer the most diverse agricultural accessories, such as oil, pressure washers, gloves and helmets. Our mission is to offer an ‘all-in-one’ service. Everything you need in one place: we make it as easy as possible.’

‘Besides the biggest machines, we also sell the smallest parts. Within The Netherlands, we are one of the Full-Liner dealers for CLAAS. But we also offer spare parts for other brands. We are stock manager for Farmstore B.V. Cuijk, so in our warehouse you’ll find everything for Monosem, Storti, Frasto, Alpego, and everything more.’

Broad range of parts

‘When customers come to us for parts, we aim to help them as soon as possible. Sometimes they know exactly what to look for, but sometimes the only information we get is the fact that they have a red tractor. It is therefore important to offer a broad range of parts, and to have a great stock. Besides, we need spare parts ourselves, as we also take care of repairs.’ 

‘It hasn’t always been this way. Even though we founded approximately 80 years ago, we started dealing in spare parts substantially about 30 years ago. But for the sake of space and costs, we had to be careful with which and how many parts we dealt in. We only bought the amount of spare parts that we were sure we’d sell, otherwise it would become dead stock. But this process became trickier as our company grew. Our stock increased, but so did the number of obsolete parts.’ 


‘A few years ago we tried working together with a company that would take care of our dead stock. Since we had grown significantly, we had too many obsolete parts to neglect. However, the collaboration with the company was no succes. They weren’t professional at all, and we paid a few hundred euros for registration alone. But then BartsParts reached out to us and asked if we were interested in becoming a BartsPartner. No fees, no caveats, no discrepancies. The only thing we were asked to do was to make a list of our spare parts. And so we made a list of all the parts that had stood still for the past five years. That is all we had to do: BartsParts took care of the details, uploaded our parts to the website, and handled the sales process. And in the meantime, we were able to continue with our daily work routine.’ 

Company growth

‘The main reason why we became a BartsPartner is simply to get rid of our dead stock, in a correct and honest way that doesn’t take too much time. But we soon discovered that BartsParts has other benefits. We have been selling through BartsParts for a little over two years now, and our company has grown substantially since then. We no longer have dead stock taking up valuable warehouse space, we get to cater to our customers’ needs more specifically, and we even make money from our dead stock!’ 

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