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Interhandler cooperates with BartsParts:”Really worth a try”

Interhandler – the only JCB dealer in Poland is selling off its slow-moving spare parts with BartsParts: “We don’t have to worry about anything: the entire ordering process, from start to finish, is taken care of by BartsParts.”

About Interhandler

Interhandler has been the only authorized dealer of JCB machines in Poland for over thirty years. The company sales, rents and services of construction machinery through Interhandler and agricultural machinery through Agrihandler, as well as sales of spare parts, accessories and tires for all machines.

Bartosz Dolega: “For several years I have been the manager of the Machinery and Spare Parts Logistics Department, where I am mainly responsible for organizing the transport of machines and the process of purchasing parts, tires and accessories. Every day, we deliver components to sixteen locations scattered all over Poland, from where they are sent to customers.”

The beginning of cooperation

“We learned about BartsParts from a message from the Polish Chamber of Commerce for Agricultural Machines and Facilities, which we received at the beginning of 2022, and we decided to start cooperation. The main reason for the partnership was to expand the potential market for the sale of slow-moving parts and parts lying around in our warehouse. On BartsParts platform, Interhandler sells spare parts from the CNH group as well as spare parts from JCB, BELL and many other brands.

BartsParts helps us in many ways

With the platform, we have the opportunity to reach a wider group of potential customers. “BartsParts helped us to reach foreign individual customers with our sale offer and thanks to cooperation we are able to reduce the stock of spare parts more quickly.” BartsParts is a helpful partner in the sale of spare parts, taking into account the number of orders placed.

BartsParts – a local partner and a very good customer at the same time

Despite the fact that Interhandler’s headquarters is in Poland and BartsParts in the Netherlands, communication takes place in Polish. The BartsParts team has been joined by Monika Legezińska, Partner Manager, who deals with current business partners from the agricultural industry, while taking care of the company’s development on the Polish market. “Currently, we are in contact with Monika, who comes from Poland, so we have no problems with communication, and we receive all information regarding orders in English – the information is clear, so we have no problems with it. BartParts is a de facto sales intermediary between the end customer and us. It enables the exchange of information between the buyer and the seller through the platform.” It helps to reach thousands of customers while dealing with only one company – BartsParts. In the first months of cooperation, we already achieved EUR 10,000 in turnover on slow-moving parts that we would not be able to sell without BartsParts.

The sales process couldn’t be easier

“We don’t have to worry about anything, the entire ordering process, from start to finish, is handled by BartsParts. All we have to do is issue an invoice and pack the package, which is collected by BartsParts.” Cooperation with BartsParts costs nothing. It is the platform that takes care of the promotion of parts, payments, transport of goods and customer support. “ We regularly send BartsParts a list with our current stock and very often it is BartsParts who takes the initiative to update the offer.”


We plan to continue working with BartsParts because the terms of cooperation suit us very well. Interhandler definitely recommends Polish companies from the agricultural industry to start selling their stock using the BartsParts platform.