‘BartsParts takes all the work out of our hands’

Henning Kristensen works as a logistics manager for HC Petersen & Co.’s Eftf A/S, based in Denmark since 1870. They started selling binders and threshing machines regionally, but have expanded their enterprise to importing and distributing a broad range of machines and spare parts to the agricultural and green sector throughout the Nordic market.

About HCP

HCP is always on the hunt for growth and innovation. A single connection link between the manufacturer and the entire Nordic market: that is what HCP aims for. ‘Our quality products are sold and maintained through regional sales companies and local retailers. In order to achieve this, we collaborate with more than 100 local dealers in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. By combining our central organization in Denmark and our own regional sales companies with private local dealers, we can benefit from both the efficiency of a central organization and the proximity to the customer at the local dealer, who can offer efficient and fast service.’

Dead stock

‘Both sales companies and local retailers benefit from a professional logistics department that handles the receipt and dispatch of not only machines, but also all spare parts. This is much needed, because we have a lot of stock. While a good portion of our stock is usually used or sold often, approximately 30% was simply catching dust. But this changed three years ago, when colleagues from another company told us about BartsParts. Connecting buyers and sellers in the most convenient way possible was a relatively unexplored niche in logistics.’


‘It immediately sparked our enthousiasm. We had saved up so many dead parts over the years, why not do something with them? We contacted BartsParts and were asked to list all the parts that we wanted to sell. We came to a total of 10.000 parts that were just laying around in our warehouse. After we delivered the list, BartsParts took all the work out of our hands. While we carry on with our work, our spare parts were uploaded in a virtual warehouse. Whenever a buyer is interested, we receive an e-mail asking if the spare parts are still in stock. Once the deal is sealed, we receive the correct label, package the spare parts, and hand them over to a transport company that is sent to our business.’

International audience

‘We still have a lot of Nordic customers. This probably has to do with the brands and types of machines that are most common in Nordic agriculture. But our market for sales of old parts has expanded enormously as well since joining BartsParts We now reach an international audience, which is amazing. If we don’t need certain parts anymore, for example because we have stopped working with a certain brand, there’s always a company that can use them. And in the meantime we make some money, which is a nice addition.’

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