‘BartsParts takes all the work out of our hands’

Henning Kristensen works as a logistics manager for HC Petersen & Co.’s Eftf A/S, based in Denmark since 1870. They started selling binders and threshing machines regionally, but have expanded their enterprise to importing and distributing a broad range of machines and spare parts to the agricultural and green sector throughout the Nordic market.

About HCP

HCP is always on the hunt for growth and innovation. A single connection link between the manufacturer and the entire Nordic market: that is what HCP aims for. ‘Our quality products are sold and maintained through regional sales companies and local retailers. In order to achieve this, we collaborate with more than 100 local dealers in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. By combining our central organization in Denmark and our own regional sales companies with private local dealers, we can benefit from both the efficiency of a central organization and the proximity to the customer at the local dealer, who can offer efficient and fast service.’

Dead stock

‘Both sales companies and local retailers benefit from a professional logistics department that handles the receipt and dispatch of not only machines, but also all spare parts. This is much needed, because we have a lot of stock. While a good portion of our stock is usually used or sold often, approximately 30% was simply catching dust. But this changed three years ago, when colleagues from another company told us about BartsParts. Connecting buyers and sellers in the most convenient way possible was a relatively unexplored niche in logistics.’


‘It immediately sparked our enthousiasm. We had saved up so many dead parts over the years, why not do something with them? We contacted BartsParts and were asked to list all the parts that we wanted to sell. We came to a total of 10.000 parts that were just laying around in our warehouse. After we delivered the list, BartsParts took all the work out of our hands. While we carry on with our work, our spare parts were uploaded in a virtual warehouse. Whenever a buyer is interested, we receive an e-mail asking if the spare parts are still in stock. Once the deal is sealed, we receive the correct label, package the spare parts, and hand them over to a transport company that is sent to our business.’

International audience

‘We still have a lot of Nordic customers. This probably has to do with the brands and types of machines that are most common in Nordic agriculture. But our market for sales of old parts has expanded enormously as well since joining BartsParts We now reach an international audience, which is amazing. If we don’t need certain parts anymore, for example because we have stopped working with a certain brand, there’s always a company that can use them. And in the meantime we make some money, which is a nice addition.’


‘Our company has grown since we joined BartsParts’

Whether you’re looking for an agricultural machine, a miniscule spare part, or simply some oil: mechanization company De Kruyf has it all. But to be able to offer everything, you need a large stock. And large stock often comes paired with obsolete parts. How De Kruyf deals with this dead stock? You’ll read it here! 

De Kruyf

Henk Bouwman works as a partsmanager at De Kruyf in Nijkerk, The Netherlands. ‘We are one of the oldest agricultural mechanization companies in the country. We founded in the 1930s and have over one hundred years of exprience when it comes to agricultural machines, spare parts, repairs, and mechanization.’ 


‘We sell a great range of tractors, shredders, sowers, haymaking machines… You name it, we have it. We also offer the most diverse agricultural accessories, such as oil, pressure washers, gloves and helmets. Our mission is to offer an ‘all-in-one’ service. Everything you need in one place: we make it as easy as possible.’

‘Besides the biggest machines, we also sell the smallest parts. Within The Netherlands, we are one of the Full-Liner dealers for CLAAS. But we also offer spare parts for other brands. We are stock manager for Farmstore B.V. Cuijk, so in our warehouse you’ll find everything for Monosem, Storti, Frasto, Alpego, and everything more.’

Broad range of parts

‘When customers come to us for parts, we aim to help them as soon as possible. Sometimes they know exactly what to look for, but sometimes the only information we get is the fact that they have a red tractor. It is therefore important to offer a broad range of parts, and to have a great stock. Besides, we need spare parts ourselves, as we also take care of repairs.’ 

‘It hasn’t always been this way. Even though we founded approximately 80 years ago, we started dealing in spare parts substantially about 30 years ago. But for the sake of space and costs, we had to be careful with which and how many parts we dealt in. We only bought the amount of spare parts that we were sure we’d sell, otherwise it would become dead stock. But this process became trickier as our company grew. Our stock increased, but so did the number of obsolete parts.’ 


‘A few years ago we tried working together with a company that would take care of our dead stock. Since we had grown significantly, we had too many obsolete parts to neglect. However, the collaboration with the company was no succes. They weren’t professional at all, and we paid a few hundred euros for registration alone. But then BartsParts reached out to us and asked if we were interested in becoming a BartsPartner. No fees, no caveats, no discrepancies. The only thing we were asked to do was to make a list of our spare parts. And so we made a list of all the parts that had stood still for the past five years. That is all we had to do: BartsParts took care of the details, uploaded our parts to the website, and handled the sales process. And in the meantime, we were able to continue with our daily work routine.’ 

Company growth

‘The main reason why we became a BartsPartner is simply to get rid of our dead stock, in a correct and honest way that doesn’t take too much time. But we soon discovered that BartsParts has other benefits. We have been selling through BartsParts for a little over two years now, and our company has grown substantially since then. We no longer have dead stock taking up valuable warehouse space, we get to cater to our customers’ needs more specifically, and we even make money from our dead stock!’ 


Click, wrap, sell: effortless cash with BartsParts

Be realistic. How much of your valuable space is taken up by spare parts that you probably won’t use or sell in the near future? If you’re a dealer of agricultural, green- and lawn care, or material handling equipment, chances are that you have a large stock of spare parts. While a good portion of those are used for repairs and sold often, a large chunk of this stock (approximately 30%) is slow moving and obsolete. 

Valuable warehouse space

These are the parts that have become less common, and are no longer useful for you or your customers. However, they are still new and unused. Perhaps you have certain parts in stock for a relatively small number of customers with a specific machine, or parts that have become obsolete due to technical innovations or change of lead brand at your dealership. What to do with this dead capital taking up your valuable warehouse space? This is where BartsParts comes into play.

Common issue

Arno Verkleij, founder of BartsParts: ‘We noticed this as a common issue for all spare parts dealers in different countries: huge stocks of slow-moving spare parts catching dust on dealers’ shelves, with low sales possibilities among their respective customers. After ten years, these spare parts are usually scrapped. Not only is this bad for the environment on multiple levels, it is also unnecessary, as there is still always someone that could use the spare parts. Key is to start offering the slow moving parts to a broad market, outside of your own dealer region before they really become obsolete!”


The main problem is that selling spare parts outside of the dealer’s working area can be a challenge. Arno: ‘Many sellers do not know where, when and how to start. Besides, it can take up a lot of valuable time. At BartsParts, we are passionate about connecting sellers and buyers in the most convenient way possible. We serve as the missing link between those who want to get rid of parts and those who need them. We offer a unique service.’

Five steps

BartsParts makes the maximum effort to minimize yours. The selling process can be broken down into five very simple and intuitive steps, of which most are executed by BartsParts and require barely any effort from the seller. This already shows at the very first step. ‘The first thing we ask you to do is to make an Excel list of the spare parts you want to sell. But we can also connect directly to your ERP software.’ 

Worldwide reach

‘We accept any relevant brand, all products/types, all ages, and all locations’, Arno continues. ‘Your parts are uploaded into our online virtual warehouse, after which we handle the entire sales process. Our web shop reaches thousands of customers worldwide every day, which increases the selling chances of your obsolete stock. When your spare parts are sold, you only need to grab and pack the items. We’ll take care of the rest and make sure that your parts are picked up and delivered to the buyer. You can then invoice and receive your money immediately. We already generate sales for more than 1,000 dealer outlets across Europe.

Become a seller now

Simple, straightforward, and smooth: selling spare parts has never been easier. You can offer any brand. In fact, the bigger the selection, the stronger your sales will be! Additionally, you can decide your own price, and it costs absolutely nothing. You can become a seller by filling out the dealer registration form on the website, or contact a professional for more information. By doing so, you’ll join a group of over 1.000 BartsPartners that are currently selling their spare parts successfully. The dealers’ reviews don’t lie: BartsParts is a great way to get rid of spare parts, create space, and reach an international group of buyers.